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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

A Palin graduating? AND getting a job that is not reality TV related? Apparently hell HAS frozen over.

Willow Palin courtesy of Penrose Academy's Facebook page.
After complaining about the incredible snowfall we have been receiving in Alaska this spring, Palin posted THIS on her ghostwritten Facebook page:  

Is it any wonder the family is excited to go to Arizona this week for Willow’s graduation as she embarks on a new career as a small business owner? And in honor of Willow's accomplishment we wanted to do something charitable. So, we'll join Gov. Brewer for the “Hope & A Future’s Strikeout Child Abuse Walk” in Phoenix on Saturday at 3pm.

So as you can see Palin is making sure to get some other benefit from flying down to Arizona beyond simply sitting through the graduation of her daughter from "hair school." She is also making a "charity" appearance with Arizona's leather bound politician, Jan Brewer.

Whatever you do, don't look into her cold dead reptilian eyes!
Palin claims that she is showing up simply in support of a charity, so I guess we can assume she has found some way to get paid for this appearance, After all, how much money do they really need to battle child abuse in Arizona, right? (For a REALLY conspiratorial take on this buddy buddy thing between Palin and Brewer, just go to one of the Palin-bot sites where they are convinced that John McCain is about to step down and that Brewer will undoubtedly appoint Palin to take his place.)

Now the Facebook page does not clarify which kind of "small business" Willow is starting, but since she is graduating from hair school I am going to guess something to do with hair. Probably a boutique, much like the Beehive in Wasilla, that her mother made famous and whose 15 minutes of fame was fortunately short lived. (Hmm, perhaps Willow IS angling for a reality show.)

Palin also does not specify if this shop will be in Wasilla or Arizona. But based on that picture of Willow up at the top I am guessing Wasilla, since I swear I have seen women walking around their local Wal-Mart who look exactly like that.

(Yet another reason why I stay the hell away from that damn place!)

By the way for those who have mentioned that we NEVER see a picture of Palin holding Trig, look what showed up in my comment section today.

I don't have a date, but it looks fairly recent and also does not appear to be in Alaska. (Oops, correction. Apparently it IS in Alaska.)

While we are on the subject of Snowbird Snooki, according to her recent tweets it looks like she is STILL pissed off about MHP's comments about children not being the possession of their parents.

"You didn't birth that?" Hmm perhaps this is NOT about MSNBC and Melissa Harris-Perry.

Perhaps this is about an even older burr under her saddle.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sarah Palin has thin skin, NOT thin hair, get it right!

Clicking the title will take you to a post on TBogg at Firedoglake who discusses the bizarre denials from Sarah Palin's hairdresser that she ever said that Queen Ester's hair was thinning, and a sample of the Twitter-storm that resulted from the New York Times quote and hairdresser JessicaBeehive's tweets of denial. (Yep, hairdresser Jessica Steele calls herself "JessicaBeehive apparently after her all time favorite hairstyle, You can NOT make this stuff up.)

What I find very interesting, but not at all surprising, is that the article also pointed out that Palin overreacted to critics, that her name had been damaged by the VP campaign, that she skipped an important briefing on Swine Flu a month before the first case was reported in Alaska, and that she was too distracted by her fame to do the job of Governor after she returned from the campaign trail.

But the ONLY thing about the article that seems to get her supporters in a rabid frenzy is a mention that her hair may be thinning. The one thing they seem to care about is a charge that cosmetically Palin may be flawed.

They know that all Sarah has going for her is her rapidly fading looks, and they are terrified that she will lose them before she can run for president in 201, which drives them into a blind panic.

Without her cosmetically enhanced "beauty" what does Sarah have going for her? Let's be real, by 2012 little Trig will be a good sized five year old that Sarah won't be able to lift up over her head ala "The Lion King" to attract adoration from the home schooling mommies in the audience. Her skinny little arms would snap off under the weight.

Sarah Palin losing her hair is like Superman's "S" falling off of his chest. She would suddenly just be a middle aged political failure, and who would vote for that?