Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Meghan McCain regrets comparing Michele Bachmann to Sarah Palin. Insulting Sarah Palin, not so much.

Courtesy of Politico:  

Meghan McCain, always outspoken, says she’s got one big regret — calling Rep. Michele Bachmann a “poor man’s Sarah Palin.” 

“That’s the one if I could take it back I would, because I just think it’s so linear and so nasty,” McCain said in an interview with POLITICO. “And I’m not a big fan of attacking another woman anymore.” 

But McCain said she doesn’t regret the comments she’s made about Sarah Palin herself. McCain’s lamented the fact that she’s still connected to her father’s former running mate and recently referred to her as a kind of “crazy aunt.” In her book “Dirty Sexy Politics,” McCain slammed Palin for bringing so much drama and stress to the campaign, noting she may have been one of the reasons her father lost. 

“You know Sarah Palin, some of the stuff I said, again I would maybe term differently,” McCain told POLITICO. “But I think the criticism I have said of her is fair. I’m surprised how much attention it still gets, just because people still talk about her all the time and I understand the curiosity, but at a certain point I wish it wouldn’t make as much news as it does, but I guess people will always love to hear about it.” 

Yeah I have NO idea why McCain would regret insulting Bachmann (I guess they're friends now or something.), but I totally agree that the best use of Sarah Palin's name these days is to be used to  as a measuring tool to determine the ignorance or incompetence of other people in the world.

And yes people will never tire of hearing people say negative things about Sarah Palin.

Why do you think IM is as popular as it is?

Pictures of the drunken brawl? Yes please! Updated wtih audio!

Nice try Bristol.
So Talking Points Memo got their hands on the actual police photos of the drunken brawl and is presenting them for public consumption, and to get some help identifying those in the photos.

Here is a portion of the article:

The Anchorage Police Department finally released photos on Tuesday from the bloody, drunken brawl involving members of the Sarah Palin clan. 

The photos, apparently taken by Anchorage cops who were called to investigate, showed mostly bloody flesh and various pieces of evidence from the aftermath of the altercations at a house party in September.

 As you can see the pictures do not show any faces, but I bet you can identify those shoes on the left.

I am not going to sample any more of he photos here, as TPM deserves all of the traffic so definitely go over there and take a look and then come back here to share your opinions.

If you want to of course.

And here's the audio courtesy of Extra TV:  

A clearly distraught Bristol is also seemingly beside herself when her interview begins, saying, “I have a 5-year-old in the car, so if you’re going to question me, question me.” 

The police officer responds, “Do you want to talk to me? Come talk to me away from your family.” 

This is when Bristol goes into explicit detail, claiming she was jumped after trying to defend sister Willow, who had also been attacked. “A guy comes out of nowhere and pushes me on the ground… takes me by my feet, in my dress… my thong dress in front of everybody. Come on you c**t, get the f**k outta here! Come on you s**t get the f**k outta here.”

Oh this is awesome!

You can hear the Palins spinning their tale, and attempting to destroy the reputation of the homeowner.

And at several points Bristol admits that Tripp is in the car.

Korey Klingenmeyer needs to sue.

Update: They also admit that there is video, and then somebody, I an sure it's Todd, suddenly says "These are friends of mine, the video don't exist." 

In other words whoever took that video was convinced not to share it by the Palins.

Update 2: Radar Online has a much longer audio. (Below the fold.)

Oscar Pistorius receives a five year sentence for murdering his girlfriend in cold blood. And the kicker? This did NOT happen in America.

Courtesy of the BBC:  

South African athlete Oscar Pistorius has been given five years in jail for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. 

Judge Thokozile Masipa also gave Pistorius a three-year suspended sentence for a firearms charge. 

The parents of Reeva Steenkamp told the BBC they were happy with the sentence and relieved the case was over. The defence said it expected Pistorius to serve about 10 months in prison. 

Pistorius was convicted of culpable homicide but cleared of murder. 

Prosecutors had called for a minimum 10-year term, and the defence had argued for community service and house arrest.

This POS fires a gun through a closed bathroom door, when only he and his girlfriend were in the house. How is that NOT murder?

 Witnesses heard arguing and a woman screaming before the gunshots. That does not sound like there is any possibility that Pistorius was asleep and did not know that his girlfriend was awake as well.

And the defense was incredibly weak as there was NO reason for this asshole to believe that there was a home invasion, and every reason to believe that the person behind the locked bathroom door had to be his girlfriend. And yet he can fire through the door killing her and only get a five year sentence?

I'm sorry that just drives me crazy.

Bob Cesca bravely fights for America's right to mock Sarah Palin. And so far he is winning.

Courtesy of The Daily Banter:  

For the last several months or so, I’ve been following the intellectually-impaired grifter antics over at The Sarah Palin Channel — Palin’s recently launched subscription service, which also happens to feature free-to-the-public videos posted on the main page. In the process of covering the Sarah Palin beat, it’s been necessary to excerpt sections of her videos and to subsequently embed the “takeouts” (Antonin Scalia’s word) on The Daily Banter in the context of reviewing her illiterate blather. 

One of the clips in particular went viral. You might recall the video in which Palin lapsed into some sort of aphasia or stupor and began to babble about Elizabeth Warren, fast food and Purgatory. To date, no one’s been able to adequately decipher what she was saying. Accordingly, my excerpted clip and the accompanying article spread throughout the blogosphere and, as of late September, was pushing toward 700,000 views. 

However, the view count was halted and the video was disabled when Sarah Palin’s production company stumbled upon it. 

Cesca goes on to share the forms he had to fill out, and the hoops he had to jump through, in order to get YouTube to listen to his side of the story after TAPP complained that he was essentially stealing content.

Cesca also mentions in this piece that Palin herself has argued for the 1st Amendment rights of those on the Right, often confusing them with the right of an employer to fire an employee for saying controversial things on the air.

After Cesca explained to Yo0u Tube that he was using the snippet under the fair use clause for journalistic purposes, and also pointing out that TAPP did the same by borrowing from Elizabeth Warrren's speech so that Palin could mock her, he got his video back up.

Which you can see here:

(Oh I forgot how awesome that was!)

So this is good news for all of us, for as you know I will not pay to watch Palin make a fool of herself on that crazy ass channel blog  of hers, but I will certainly make fun of any video that others snatch from that sea of desperation and bring out into the light for the amusement of others.

Speaking of desperate and amusing, late last night Palin decided to finally come out for Mark Begich's opponent, and her former Attorney General, Dan Sullivan.

This from her Facebook page: 

Barack Obama, thank you for sealing the deal for the next U.S. Senator from the great state of Alaska, Dan Sullivan! 
-Sarah Palin 

"These are all folks who vote with me!" - Barack Hussein Obama October 20, 2014 (Geez is she still using his middle name as a slam against him? Grow the fuck up.)

This then links to a Breitbart article, big surprise, that contains this statement from the President that he made yesterday:   

"Here's the bottom line: We've got a tough map. A lot of the states that are contested this time are states they didn't win. So some of the candidates there, you know, it is difficult for them to have me in the state because the Republicans will use that to try to fan Republican turnout. The bottom line is, these are all folks who vote with me. They have supported my agenda in congress. They are on the right side of minimum wage. They are on the right side of fair pay. They are on the right side of rebuilding our infrastructure. They're on the right side of early childhood education. So, this isn't about my feelings being hurt. These are folks who are strong allies and supporters of me. And I tell them, I said, you know what, you do what you need to win. I will be responsible for making sure that our voters turn up."

As you can see it does not mention Mark Begich by name, or even which states the President is talking about, but the Republicans have been quick to pounce on it and to start using it against Democrats in red states.

It contains nothing new, and of course reminds the voters who put these individuals in office in the first place why they are the best candidate for 2014, but in Palin's world it "seals the deal" for Dan Sullivan.

And all I can say to that is if she is so determined to help Dan Sullivan win then she needs to get SarahPAC to endorse him and start making appearances with him in the state.

I mean if she is really a king maker with conservatives then this is her opportunity to prove it.

Unless she is afraid that is.

Shooting ranges linked to lead poisoning. Well THIS explains a lot.

Courtesy of The Seattle Times:  

Thousands of people, including workers, shooters and their family members, have been contaminated at shooting ranges due to poor ventilation and contact with lead-coated surfaces, a Seattle Times investigation has found. 

Those most at risk are employees who work around firearms, unknowingly inhaling lead-tinged dust and fumes as they instruct customers and clean shooting ranges of spent ammunition. Lead exposure can cause an array of health problems — from nausea and fatigue to organ damage, mental impairment and even death. 

Even those who’ve never stepped inside a gun range have become sick. Employees have carried lead residue into their homes on their skin, clothes, shoes and work gear, inadvertently contaminating family members, including children, who are the most vulnerable to lead’s debilitating health effects. 

For the public, shooting firearms is the most common way of getting lead poisoning outside of work, according to national statistics.

"Nausea, fatigue, organ damage, mental impairment, death," damn that exercising of your 2nd Amendment rights can really take a toll on a fella.

Kind of makes you wonder if the lunacy of the pro-gun folks is due to their overwhelming fetish for guns, or simply the result of too much lead in their systems. Or maybe a combination of both.

Well I'll tell you one thing, it certainly puts some of these accidental shootings into perspective.

Kind of hard to control a weapon when you have lost the feeling in your arms and hands.

Pat Robertson claims that thanks to the Supreme Court the "onslaught of homosexual behavior" is having "deadly consequences."

Courtesy of Raw Story:  

“This onslaught of homosexual behavior that is being forced on us by the Supreme Court of the United States is having deadly consequences,” Robertson announced on the Monday edition of The 700 Club. “I was afraid it was going to happen. It has happened now in Idaho.” 

“If I were that couple, I’d get ahead of the curve. I’d get on an airplane and leave Idaho or get in your car and drive across the border into Montana,” the TV preacher recommended. “Get out of that state. And if need be, close your chapel down. I mean, just get out ahead of it because this is outrageous.”

You know I am not sure that Robertson clearly understand just how far progress has spread on this issue. Currently there are 31 states where same sex marriage is legal, and only 19 that are still fighting the inevitable.

 That does not leave a whole lot of places that you can drive to from Idaho where these people can get away from "teh gays."

By the way does anybody have a body count as to how many people have been killed thus far by this "deadly" increase in same sex marriage?

I know people do this for Christmas, but Halloween too?

 If this house were in my neighborhood I wouldn't even bother to decorate.

I have a couple of Styrofoam tombstones and a skeleton for the door, but that's about it.

Still I bet they hand out full size candy bars and homemade popcorn balls.

I love homemade popcorn balls. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Michele Bachmann gets her own security detail after ISIS issues threats. Oh you know she LOVES this!

"Oh yeah those ISIS folks are trying to shut me up don'tcha know. Not very Christian of them."
Courtesy of Politico: 

Federal law enforcement officials are taking an ISIL threat against Michele Bachmann so seriously that Capitol Police have given the Minnesota Republican her own security detail. 

An online threat against Bachmann emerged recently, according to multiple law enforcement officials familiar with the situation. Last week, Bachmann was provided a security detail in response, according to the sources. 

Members of the U.S. Capitol Police’s Dignitary Protection Division were briefed on the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. The police security will continue until Bachmann, who will retire at the end of this Congress, is no longer in office. 

A police detail of this type typically means 24-hour protection when a member of Congress is on Capitol Hill or back in the home district.

I think Bachmann might want to take note of the fact that her security detail only lasts until she is out of office. Might want to STFU around then.

Apparently Bachmann, who has been going after ISIS like a dog with a bone, had a portion of her Voters Values speech featured in a recent ISIS propaganda video.

Personally I doubt if Bachmann is in any real danger, though I can certainly understand the terrorist group's desire to make her stop talking.

I imagine with this new credibility Bachmann is a shoo-in for a hosting position on Fox News. So we all have THAT to look forward to.

Would it be wrong for me to root for the bad guys just this once? It would right?

Okay fine if Ebola is not scary enough anymore, then Sarah Palin reminds us that ISIS still wants to kill you in your sleep. Boo!

Courtesy of the Wicked Witch of the Right's Facebook page: 

The rise of ISIS is a monumental threat to everyone’s security made worse by Obama’s gross miscalculations about the rise of these Islamic terrorists who are hell-bent on raising the flag of Allah over our White House. He must listen to the experts on this issue of life and death for America and the world, and the experts have made that task easier for our Commander-in-Chief by explaining ISIS in detail in a new book titled “The Rise of ISIS.” Bristol wrote about it here; please see...

And yes then Palin directs you to the ghostwritten blog of the pugilistic Bristol Palin, where you will find this blurb promoting a new book: 

Do you ever feel like there’s just so much stuff in the news to be worried about? 

Sometimes, it’s all so hard to understand. For example, why are there beheadings, mass executions, and crucifixions all over the news? 

The new wave of anti-Christian abuse has been called the “worst religious persecution since the Holocaust.” 

If you’re like me, you had never heard of ISIS, before all of the beheadings. But they are the richest and deadliest terrorists in history… and they have the money, power, people, and will to do exactly what they’d laid out. Basically, they want to annihilate us.

The post then goes on to discuss a new book called "The Rise of Isis: The Threat We Can't Ignore."

Terrifying right?

And this book is SO good that it required four authors to write the thing. One of whom, oddly enough, is also the husband of Nancy French who is the aforementioned ghostwriter of Bristol's blog.

Gee it almost seems that Nancy is wearing her Bristol Palin costume to promote a book for her husband, while Sarah Palin's ghostwriter provides back up.

It almost makes you wonder if Sarah and Bristol even know what their blog and Facebook page are being used for these days.

After all why would a young mother who is currently fighting a child custody battle in Alaska, really care that much about promoting a book that seeks to gin up fear over ISIS?

You know, unless she gets a taste.

In IM's first where are they now segment, we discuss WTF ever happened to former Palin's Director of Communications Bill McAllister? Update!

So this morning my friend Dennis Zaki sent me the Linkedin profile for Bill McAllister, a name I have not thought about in a few years now.

Take a look:  

Bill McAllister's Overview 
Freelance Journalist at Freelance Journalist 

Guest co-host, "The Eddie Burke Show" at AIM 
Senior Enterprise Journalist / Anchor at KTVA CBS 11 News 
Communications Director, Office of the Attorney General at State of Alaska 
Director of Communications/Press Secretary, Office of the Governor at State of Alaska 
Capitol bureau chief / politics reporter at KTUU-TV Channel2 
Producer, "Alaska Week" at KTOO-TV & FM 
State politics reporter, columnist at Juneau Empire 
Managing editor / reporter / columnist at St. Paul Legal Ledger 
Chief politics reporter, Capitol correspondent at St. Cloud Times 
Founder / artistic director at Inverted Pyramid Theatre Troupe

One has to ask themselves just how light does your resume have to be for you to attempt to pad it by including your short time as a co-host on the Eddie Burke Show?

And did anybody else notice that Bill listed his time as Director of Communications for the Governor of the State of Alaska but conveniently omitted Sarah Palin's name?

Methinks that somebody is trying to put the past behind them.

Check out McAllister's Linkedin Summary:

Telling the truth to the best of my ability, and as elegantly as I can, comforting the afflicted when I can and afflicting the comfortable when I must.

Really? Telling the truth? 

You know I would really like to hear some of that truth sometime.  Because I know that there was a lot of it from his time as Director of Communications for"the Governor who shall not be named" that is still yet to be told.

There are other former Palin staff members I would like to hear from as well.

Including Palin's former attack dog Meg Stapleton, who sadly is NOT on Linkedin, but who I know has much to tell.

Last I heard she was working with her husband, but since then we have lost track of her.

You may remember that she quit only two days after my "Tale of Two Babies" post.

I would love to know if there was a connection.


Dennis e-mailed me to remind that McAllister was fired from his job with KTVA after his wife served him with a restraining order.

He also tells me that the last time there was an Ivy Frye sighting, that he knows about, she was standing in the unemployment line in Wasilla.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. That is what happens when you attach yourself to a falling star. You end up crawling out of a burning crater.

Well it looks as if Ebola refuses to be the media's boogeyman this Halloween season.

Despite attempts by virtually ALL of the cable news outlets Ebola is simply not living up to the hype.

Courtesy of WFAA:  

Louise Troh, whose fiance Thomas Eric Duncan,became the first person in the U.S. to be diagnosed with Ebola, says she and her family are showing no signs of the deadly disease after a 21-day quarantine. 

Duncan died on October 8. 

Since then, two nurses who had cared for him at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas have contracted the Ebola virus and are being treated at hospitals in Maryland and Atlanta.

The two nurses of course came into contact with Duncan at his MOST infectious and at least one of them is "doing quite well."

So the fact that nobody on the plane arriving in America with Duncan, nor the family members who spent two days with him while he became increasingly ill, have contracted the disease speaks to the fact that it was never the "ISIS of biological agents" that some less than responsible news outlets painted it to be.

And in fact in some of the places where the disease DID get a real toehold there is already vast improvement. Such as Nigeria: 

The World Health Organization declared Nigeria Ebola free on Monday after a 42 day period with no new cases, a success story with lessons for countries still struggling to contain the deadly virus. "Nigeria is now free of Ebola," WHO representative Rui Gama Vaz told a news conference in the capital Abuja, prompting a round of applause from other officials. "This is a spectacular success story ... But we must be clear that we have only won a battle, the war will only end when West Africa is also declared free of Ebola. 

The first case in Nigeria, Africa's most populous nation, was imported from Liberia, when a Liberian-American diplomat called Patrick Sawyer collapsed at the main international airport in Lagos on July 20. Because the country was ill prepared and had no screening procedures in place, Sawyer was able to infect several people, including several health workers in the hospital where he was taken. 

Ebola has killed 4,546 people across Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, the three worst-affected countries. Nigeria had 20 cases in total, of which eight died.

Gee with this now downgraded from world ending viral infection, to manageable health concern, I wonder what the media will use next to attack the President and terrify the American people?

Well I guess we still have ISIS right?

Boo, everybody, boo.

Ted Cruz claims that President Obama's pick for Surgeon General is not a "health care professional" because he is for stricter gun laws.

Courtesy of Raw Story:  

Sen.Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Sunday accused President Barack Obama’s pick for surgeon general of not being a “health care professional” because the doctor had backed a ban on military-style assault rifles. 

During an interview on CNN, host Candy Crowley pointed out that the surgeon general should “voice” of public health during the Ebola crisis, but Republicans in the Senate had blocked the appointment of Dr. Vivek Murthy. 

“Of course we should have a surgeon general in place,” Cruz told Crowley. “And we don’t have one because President Obama, instead of nominating a health professional, he nominated someone who is an anti-gun activist.” 

“And a doctor,” Crowley pointed out. “That’s a health professional.” 

“He’s a doctor,” Cruz admitted. “Where he’s made his name is as a crusader against Second Amendment rights, and as a consequence, he didn’t have the votes among Republicans or Democrats.”

Yes that's right, because you recognize that one of the  biggest hazards facing the American people is the proliferation of firearms you cannot possibly be a health care professional. Even if you are a licensed physician.

And that is why the NRA is blocking this guy's confirmation.

This article from The Nation might help to explain it: 

The post of the surgeon general has been vacant since July, and it looks likely to remain that way for some time thanks to a strident campaign led by the National Rifle Association and libertarian Senator Rand Paul against President Obama’s nominee, Dr. Vivek Murthy. 

Murthy has medical and business degrees from Yale, works as an attending physician and instructor at Brigham and Women’s Hospital at Harvard Medical School and has founded several health businesses and nonprofits. He has also expressed support for limited gun safety measures like a ban on assault weapons, mandatory safety training and limits on ammunition, and so the NRA has declared it will “score” his confirmation vote, putting pressure on Senate Democrats running tight re-election races in red states to block Murthy’s confirmation. As The New York Times reported on Saturday, the White House is “recalibrating” its strategy towards Murthy’s nomination, meaning the Senate vote will either be delayed or never happen.

And that is why today, in the middle of media driven hysteria concerning Ebola, we do not have a trusted voice to put the minds of the American people at ease.

Thanks NRA.

PAC supporting Hillary Clinton's candidacy raises two million in third quarter. Has raised over ten million since formation in 2013.

Courtesy of MSNBC:  

Ready for Hillary, the quasi-official Clinton shadow campaign PAC, took in more than $2 million in the third quarter of the year, according to the group. That’s slightly less than the previous quarter as the group winds down its activities in anticipation of an official Clinton campaign launch. 

The group has raised more than $10.25 million since it formed in early 2013, and raked in $2.5 million in the previous quarter. 

Continuing to expand its grassroots fundraising base, Ready for Hillary brought more than 21,000 new donors into the fold over the past three months. Of its more than 38,000 contributions during the quarter, 98% were for less than $100. The average contribution was $52.

I find that to be a rather incredible level of grassroots support for a candidate who has yet to even commit to a run in 2016.

If free speech and money really were the same thing, like the Republicans seem to want us to believe, then there would be an almost deafening roar of "Hillary in 2016" drowning out all of the other political talk right now.

By the way, and I know this is not fair, but compare the information above with the last quarter report from the PAC supporting the best known female politician from that other party.

(I know, I'm a stinker.)

This is essentially how I see Fundamentalism.

You know if I was suddenly king of the world, I would make it illegal to introduce children to religion until they were past their sixteenth birthday.

If you can still convince boys and girls at sixteen to believe in your God, and follow your doctrines, then you deserve to be taken seriously.

But I am pretty confident in saying that religion would essentially die out in a generation.