Friday, July 25, 2014

Sarah Palin posts a pro-Israel quote from Howard Stern. Does she not remember his opinion of her?

Courtesy of Palin's Facebook page
Okay so the above graphic showed up on Palin's Facebook page a little while ago.

Which is kind of predictable because Right Wing blogs and news sites are jizzing themselves over the fact that Howard Stern actually agrees with them about something.

Of course the fact that Stern is Jewish might have something to do with his support of Israel. Whereas the support coming from the Fundamentalists is due to their belief that the Jews have to be there in order for Jesus to come back and take selfies with them.

However I don't know if Palin was so desperate to jump on the bandwagon that she forgot, or if one of her  Facebook ghostwriters simply did not do their research, but Howard Stern essentially hates Sarah Palin's guts.

I mean really.

For example (Go to the 2:10 mark):

And that is just one example.

Go head and Google "Howard Stern on Sarah Palin." But I warn you he holds NOTHING back, and uses many grown up words.

So they say that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," but this may be pushing it a little.

I'll bet big bucks that Stern's feelings toward Palin have not softened at all.

Michigan mayor rejects idea of "Atheist booth" alongside Christian prayer station in City Hall, compares Atheists to KKK and Nazis.

Mayor Jim Fouts
Courtesy of Chron:

The American Civil Liberties Union in Michigan and two other groups filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday seeking an injunction against a Michigan city's ban on an atheist booth in a municipal building. 

The groups said the Detroit suburb of Warren lets a church group run a "prayer station," distribute religious materials, discuss religious beliefs and pray with visitors in a City Hall atrium but refuses to let atheist Douglas Marshall use the same space. 

Americans United for Separation of Church and State and the Freedom from Religion Foundation also are part of the lawsuit in U.S. District Court that says Marshall's request in April to install a "reason station" was rejected by Mayor Jim Fouts. 

"Once the government opens public space for use by private groups, it cannot pick and choose who can use the space based on the content of their message or whether public officials agree with that message," said Dan Korobkin, ACLU of Michigan deputy legal director, adding "The city cannot allow speech supportive of religion and reject speech supportive of atheism."

I think Douglas Marshall has a valid point.

If you allow one group to have a special area in a government building then it seems reasonable to allow others in as well. And not just Atheists either, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sceintologists, etc., should have the same exact access and place of prominence provided to them.

Sadly the mayor of Warren, does not quite see it that way.

This was what he told the AP:

"The city has certain values that I don't believe are in general agreement with having an atheist station, nor in general agreement with having a Nazi station or Ku Klux Klan station," Fouts said. "I cannot accept or will not allow a group that is disparaging of another group to have a station here."

Now why do these idiots always thing that THEIR values reflect the values or beliefs of everybody in their communities?

And comparing Atheists to the KKK or the Nazis demonstrates a complete lack of knowledge about history, and a deeply intolerant nature.

As far as I know most Atheist organizations are not about hate, they are about knowledge.

And it looks like this guy could stand to be exposed to some.

It looks like the producers of True Blood really DID offer Sarah Palin a part. Surprisingly enough it was not as an undead bloodsucker.

Courtesy of TPM:  

It turns out HBO really did try to wrangle Sarah Palin into a cameo role on the vampire drama "True Blood." 

"Sarah Palin was one of several Republican figures brought up in discussions regarding episode 5 of 'True Blood,'" HBO spokeswoman Kelley Carville said Thursday in a statement to TPM. "Casting directors for the show reached out to Ms. Palin's representative but did not receive a response."

Of course as we know Palin recently freaked out over a recent episode in which Republicans were shown in a less than  positive light. You know essentially as they actually are in real life.

She also expressed confidence that when the producers invited her to participate in the show they did so to ridicule her or make fun of conservative women.

However the spokesperson for the show says that was never the intention at all:

"Had Sarah Palin come on the show she would have been treated with the same level of dignity and respect all of the show’s actors are and would have been privy to the script in advance of filming," HBO's Carville said.

Now it is perfectly understandable that Palin would assume that the show wanted her on in order to make fun of her, after all she is a national punchline these days.

However episode five, the one that she was offered, was broadcast way back in October of 2008, well before most of the world realized just what a disgrace she was. (I mean yeah, WE were making fun of her, but we were ahead of the curve all along.)

So Palin might have actually had an enjoyable time on the show, and after her humiliating defeat in November of 2008, could have possibly pursued a career as a mediocre actor. Instead of ending up as a failed reality show, and the coauthor of some very poorly written books.

Oh what might have been.

Ammosexual shoots 17 year old girl after she confronts him about driving his riding lawnmower over her property.

Courtesy of the Times Colonist:  

A northern Minnesota man was charged Wednesday with shooting a 17-year-old girl several times after authorities say she told him not to ride his lawn mower through her yard. 

Chad Pickering, 40, of Bemidji appeared in Beltrami County court on a felony charge of attempted first-degree murder. Bail was set at $300,000. 

Pickering shot the teen three times as she stood on the deck of her home Monday night, the criminal complaint said. The teen was shot in her chest, right thigh and left ankle. She was taken to a Duluth hospital. 

Police found .45 shells by a tree on the young woman's property, and when police searched his home and found a .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol hidden in an air vent, Pickering claimed that he had not seen in in a week or so.

The police then pointed out a grass stain on Pickering's knee, and his excuse for that was equally lame.


When authorities pointed out inconsistencies in his statement, Pickering said he had taken his children for a ride with the mower and that after he returned home a girl came to the front door and confronted him about trespassing, the complaint said. Pickering told investigators he went to her house, knelt by a pine tree and shot her twice after she came out the front door, according to the complaint. 

To be clear this 40 year old man went to the house of a teenaged girl, shot her three times, and lied to the police about what he had done, all becasue she asked him to stop driving his lawnmower through her yard.

And that my friends is how the 2nd Amendment keeps us safe.

Sarah Palin slinging hashtags for pig mutilator Joni Ernst.

Courtesy of the Wasilla Wendigo's Facebook page: 

Todd and I are ‪#‎OnDutyForJoni‬ Ernst as she steps away from the Iowa campaign trail to continue her service to our country in uniform. Joni is a strong conservative running a positive, optimistic campaign for U.S. Senate in the Hawkeye State, and she’s had our full support for many months now.

Todd? Wait Todd is an Ernst supporter as well?

Wow, what a coincidence.

And BOY does he look enthusiastic about lending his support.

It's almost as if he really has no choice and is told who to support, what to say,  and when to get his damn picture taken.

However you cannot blame Palin for pulling hard on Toad's choke collar, after all Ernst might be the only Palin endorsee to stand an actual a chance of winning her race this election cycle.

P.S. What do you think Todd is thinking in that picture?

I feel a caption contest coming on.

A little morning inspiration for you. Five foot tall, 100 lb, ex-gymnast becomes the first woman to complete the grueling American Ninja Warrior final course.

Are you exhausted just from watching that? Trust me, you're are not alone.

I was a one time a huge fan of the original Ninja Warrior broadcast from Japan, and shown regularly on G4TV.

When I first started watching it in early 2000 I thought "Oh hell yeah I can still do that stuff" as I am an ex-gymnast and martial artist who prides myself on my strength and agility, and clearly may be a bit too arrogant for my own good.

However when I watch it today, or the American version of it, I think "What in the hell was I thinking, that looks impossible!" Let's face it there is a hell of a lot of difference between your abilities at 40 and your abilities at 54.

I have never real been a fan of the American version, and so it was kind of bizarre that I happened to turn it on just as this amazing young lady started her attempt.

And I was blown away!

I have long said that the strongest, most versatile athletes in the world are gymnasts and this young lady proved my point.

Damn it almost makes me wish I would have tried to compete back when I wouldn't have hit the water three steps in.

Now if you will excuse me I have to go workout.

Just a question.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Breitbart freaks out, over the fact that TMZ "freaks out," over Sarah Palin's speeding ticket.

Click one or more chins to play video.
Courtesy of that dead guy's defunct blog: 

Wednesday during TMZ's segment on former Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK) getting a speeding ticket, they thought it would be entertaining television to, without provocation or explanation, have random staffers openly attack the Tea Party firebrand as a "bitch," "dumb," and a "horrible mom." 

TMZ opened the segment by reporting on when Palin was given a speeding ticket in her hometown for driving 63 miles per hour in a 45 mph zone, and she said, "I wasn't speeding I was qualifying." 

But then it quickly turned ugly, when, without justification, the staffers launched into a nasty, random, name-calling attack. One staff member exclaimed out of nowhere, "She's a bitch." Another chimed in, saying, "She's a really bad mom," while another added, "She's a horrible mom." 

A third concluded, "She's not evil. She's too dumb to be good or evil."

You know I listened to the original TMZ report,  and read the transcript, and all I can ask is where did the TMZ crew say anything controversial?

"She's a bitch?" Check, everybody knows that.

"She's a really bad mom?" Seriously, is their ANY doubt?

"She's not evil. She's too dumb to be good or evil." Okay here we might have some point of disagreement.

Is she dumb? Yes.

But is she too dumb to be evil? No, I don't think so.

I think she is just intelligent enough to be evil, while also almost being too dumb to qualify as an actual homo sapien.

And that will be proven by the fact that when she reads that last part she will be convinced that I just called her a lesbian.

Two different women, both living in Tennessee, arrested for brandishing handguns. Gotta love that 2nd Amendment.

Amy Jaudon
Courtesy of WKRN:  

A woman is in jail after assaulting an employee working the Western Union counter inside a south Nashville Kroger store. 

According to an affidavit obtained by News 2, it all started with a verbal altercation between Amy Jaudon, 43, and the Kroger employee inside the store on Murfreesboro Pike at Nashboro Boulevard. 

When the employee brought out the manager, Jaudon started yelling and calling the employee vulgar names. 

Jaudon then slapped the employee across the face. 

The employee grabbed Jaudon and threw her to the ground. 

Once separated, Jaudon threatened to kill the employee and admitted that she had a gun. 

She then went outside, got a gun out of her vehicle and waved it around, threatening to kill the employee once again. 

Yeah it is kind of hard to claim self defense, if you walk away from a conflict and THEN wave your gun and threaten to kill somebody.

And in another part of Tennessee: 

A 37-year old woman by the name of Angela Scruggs has been arrested after she allegedly pulled out a gun during what has been described as an “Aggravated Assault.” The incident unfolded in the Rutherford Blvd. Walmart parking lot on Tuesday. 

Scruggs told police she placed her handgun on her lap after a man in the parking lot yelled at her to “Stop Speeding.” The man who allegedly yelled at Scruggs claims that she almost struck his son while driving her Altima. Scruggs says that the man walked over to her with his hands in his pockets, so she pulled the gun out and placed it on her lap. She left the scene and was pulled over by Murfreesboro Police on S. Church Street. 

Jason Hill, who called the police, told officers that Scruggs actually pointed the weapon at him when he asked her to “slow down.” He then told Scruggs that he would call the police. He said that Scruggs told him, “I don’t care, I got a carry permit.” A witness told responding officers that Scruggs told Hill that she would shoot him.

Most shootings do not occur because the shooter feels they are in danger, they occur becasue the shooter is pissed off and they have access to a deadly weapon.

Like I have said before I am usually in support of women taking precautions to keep themselves safe, since they are more often than men the victims of assault, however there are some women who simply should NEVER be allowed to own a gun.

As these two examples indicate. 

They also indicate that I need to stay the hell away from Tennessee. Those people are nuts!

Connecticut Rep. Jim Himes has the perfect response to C-Span caller's list of grievances against the President.

So during an interview on C-Span's Washington Journal the host opened the phone lines to take questions from callers.

One such caller started to rattle off a list of grievances, and conspiracy theories, that included virtually everything but the kitchen sink.

More from Politico:  

Himes smiled during much of the statement, during which the caller rattled off a number of complaints, including the claim that the White House and not Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was responsible for the October 2013 government shutdown. He also referenced older issues like his comments about the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates and the Justice Department’s Fast and Furious program. 

“Any other president would have been laughed out of office by now if he’d have been a Republican,” the caller concluded. “This guy gets away with murder!” 

“That was quite a list,” Himes said with a laugh. 

The congressman initially appeared willing to address all the issues, but then decided against it, saying that it would take hours to address the numerous complaints leveled at the administration. 

“I will try to attend to — actually, I’m not going to,” he said. “Look, with all due respect, Bob, maybe a little more C-SPAN and a little less Fox News. That was the grab bag of everything that Fox News and my friends on the Republican Caucus of the House in particular have tried to hang on the president.” 

Himes then picked one of the issues — the attacks in Benghazi — and defended the White House against what he called conspiracy theories from conservatives. 

“There’s been absolutely zero evidence that the president had any hand in any one of these so-called scandals that the Republicans have desperately been trying to promote,” he continued, saying that the GOP was trying to deflect from the improving economy under the president. 


That should now be the go to response for any accusations tossed at this President from the Right Wing, "Maybe a little more C-Span, or any reality based news program really, and a little less Fox News, Right Wing radio, or Sarah Palin Facebook rants."

If people followed that advice I think the President's poll numbers would climb significantly.

NRA spokesperson suggests that schoolchildren should pass shooting tests in order to advance to the next grade.

Courtesy of Raw Story:

NRA commentator Billy Johnson this week proposed that children be forced to learn shooting skills in order to graduate as part of a plan to enact “gun-required zones” in the United States, and use taxpayer money to subsidize firearm purchases. 

In a video title “Everyone Gets A Gun” that was released on Monday, Johnson complains that U.S. gun policy was focused on limiting access to firearms. 

“As a country we have an education policy. Imagine if that policy was about limiting who has access to public education,” he argued. “I mean, let’s be honest, the danger in educating people to think is that they might actually start to think for themselves. Perhaps we should think seriously about who we give access to knowledge. They could use it to do a lot of damage.” 

“We don’t have a U.S. gun policy. We have a U.S. anti-gun policy,” the NRA commentator continued. “Gun policy driven by people’s need for guns would seek to encourage people to keep and bear arms at all times. Maybe it would even reward those who do so. What if instead of gun free-zones we had gun-required zones?” 

In order to make his plan work, Johnson said that children would need to be introduced to firearms at a young age. 

“Just like we teach them reading and writing, necessary skills. We would teach shooting and firearm competency,” he explained. “It wouldn’t matter if a child’s parents weren’t good at it. We’d find them a mentor. It wouldn’t matter if they didn’t want to learn. We would make it necessary to advance to the next grade.”

Seriously, WTF?

I suppose following this line of logic that we can reduce the number of fires by giving children access to matches and gasoline as well.

Or reduce the spread of disease by exposing them to patients under quarantine in the hospital.

And hey, lets reduce head injuries by taking away their bicycle helmets and sabotaging the brakes on their bikes.

More guns in the community, and in the hands of young people, means more gun deaths. How is that so fucking hard for these people to understand?

Sarah Palin pimps Bristol's blog, complains that event organizers keep uninviting her, and claims to have gay friends. Update!

Courtesy of ole Whiny Britches Facebook page:

Check out this post at Bristol’s blog and offer your thoughts. (I so appreciate her sincere and respectful “what do you think?” approach to these topics.) I am a huge admirer of Coach Dungy's, and I totally get where he's coming from. (By the way Brancy's blog borrows a Right Wing bloggers headline, "If you want to prove that you don't hate gays, all you have to do is worship at their feet." so you know that this defense of Coach Dungy's remarks that he would not have drafted openly gay player Michael Sam is gong to be a trip to homophobic crazy town.) Looking at this personally, my family and I have been told certain event organizers would like us to participate in something but just can't because of the distractions I'd invite. (Oh yeah I bet there are tons of these.) I totally get it and I don't want to burden them with anything that takes focus off their mission. I don't whine that those people "uninviting" us are sexist or anti-conservative or anti-Christian. (What are you doing now? And how does not inviting Sarah Palin to an event make these organizers sexist, anti-conservative, or anti-Christian?) It is what it is, and in sports a coach needs to FOCUS on the goal, not unnecessary distractions! The key to victory on the field is keeping the main thing, the main thing. 

(And, by the way, I think I know my gay friends well enough to know that not one of them would take offense with Coach Dungy's commonsense comments. In fact, from what they've told me, they're as sick and tired of the intolerant, politically correct thought police as I am. The small minority of uber-sensitive intolerant gays who make a big darn deal out of anything that can be spun up as “offensive” are really giving fellow members of their community a bad rap.)

- Sarah Palin

Okay seriously how many of you think that Palin has more than one or two gay friends? And how does she even know, since almost any gay person in her vicinity would be hiding deeply in the closet for fear she might find out?

Look I agree that there are some within ANY any group that get upset about every single perceived slight. You know like all of those times Palin claimed that there was a "War on Christmas," or claimed that Joe McGinniss had moved next door to peer in Piper's window, or states that every policy coming from this President is an attack on the Founding Fathers and an attempt to fundamentally change HER country.

Oh and as for the gay people themselves, well I happen to have a very close relationship with a very outspoken member of that group. And she loves it that the LGBT community is standing up for itself  and refusing to accept the constant stream of name calling, open hostility, and attempts to convince them to change their sexuality in order to make the heterosexuals comfortable.

Oh and she hates Sarah Palin too.

Just like the majority of gay people.

Update: You know it occurs to me to wonder how history might have been changed if Branch Rickey the general manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers would have had the same attitude about controversy while thinking about signing Jackie Robinson, as Tony Dungy expressed about the signing of Michael Sams? Sometimes it takes men of strength and moral fiber to withstand the barrage of negative attention they invite when they choose to take a stand for progress, instead of going along like a dead salmon in a stream.

Now where did I hear that last part from I wonder?

Getting an abortion in Texas is becoming virtually impossible. Welcome to 1969.

Courtesy of Mother Jones:  

You can see women's abortion access trickle away in the interactive map above. Some things to note: Before the state required admitting privileges, 13 cities had abortion clinics. Now, just seven do. After September, only five Texas cities—Dallas, Forth Worth, San Antonio, Austin, and Houston—will will have abortion clinics. Women in the Rio Grande Valley must now travel to Corpus Christi, a two-and-a-half hour drive, for abortion services. Soon, there won't be a single clinic providing abortions west of San Antonio. A clinic in Dallas that will operate as an ambulatory surgical center opened after the state's new law passed and does not initially appear on the map. 

In addition to making it harder for abortion providers to operate, the law also bans abortion 20 weeks after conception and forbids the use of medication to terminate pregnancies. At the time of its passage, anti-abortion lawmakers claimed that tougher requirements for abortion providers were necessary to safeguard women. But mainstream medical groups, such as the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, argue that requiring admitting privileges doesn't increase the level of care. Transfer agreements with hospitals offer patients the same protection in the rare cases when an abortion requires hospitalization. Plus, abortion foes have made it highly controversial for hospitals to grant abortion providers admitting privileges. In April, for example, two Texas providers claimed in a lawsuit that a Dallas hospital withdrew their admitting privileges because associating with them ginned up negative publicity. 

The restrictions that go into effect on September 1, mandating that clinics meet the standards of ambulatory surgical centers, are even more cumbersome. For an abortion clinic to meet this requirement, it must have the ability to administer general anesthesia and its doorways and hallways must be a certain width. These requirements aren't medically necessary for an abortion, and they cost a lot of money to implement. One of the few abortion clinics in Texas that qualifies as an ambulatory surgical center, for example, costs at least $40,000 per month more to operate than an average clinic, according to the New York Times. 

Reports of the law's aftermath show that Texas women who have lost access to abortion clinics and medication have been traveling to Mexico or turning to the black market to obtain abortion-inducing drugs.

And the Republicans say there is no War on Women. 

Of course the law that has made all of this possible, was the one that Wendy Davis so famously stood for 11 hours to filibuster. However her efforts were for naught as Governor Rick Perry called for a second session and then fast tracked the bill so that he could personally deny women access to control over their own bodies.

Clearly Texas needs to do something drastic in order to get the state to start treating women as more than simple breeding stock, and a very good start would be to elect their first female Governor since Ann Richards left office in 1995.

Anti-abortion protestors interrupt moment of silence for deceased member of Unitarian church. So Christian of them.

Flip Benham director of Operation Save America.
Courtesy of Think Progress: 

Hundreds of anti-choice activists are currently congregating in New Orleans to stage protests against abortion around the city, an event that’s expected to last all week long. So far, tensions have come to a head in an unexpected place: the sanctuary of a church, where abortion opponents interrupted a service to tell congregants that they don’t have a “true faith” because their denomination supports reproductive rights. 

This week’s protests are being spearheaded by the national anti-abortion group Operation Save America, which used to go by the name Operation Rescue National. That far-right organization, frequently criticized for its “militant” tactics, is perhaps best known for being tied to Dr. George Tiller’s assassination. And on Sunday, as part of its week long protest in Louisiana, group members decided to take their message straight to the First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans. 

As the Uptown Messenger reports, anti-abortion activists interrupted worship at the church — specifically, disrupting a moment of silence for a church member who recently passed away — to declare that this particular church isn’t a “true faith” and tell the service attendees to “repent.” Operation Save America’s opinion about the First Unitarian Universalist Church is made clear on its website, which refers to the “church” and its “pastor” in scare quotes and calls it a “synagogue of Satan.”

Apparently this Flip Benham character is the father of the two homophobic twins who lost their reality show for their hateful comments recently.

So I have to ask once again, do ANY of these people ever read the New Testament?

As much as I disagree with Christianity, I simply cannot imagine the Jesus of the Bible being cool with this.