Sunday, July 27, 2014

Betty Bowers take on Sarah Palins' recent speech in Denver is a must see.

Ohhh, do we love us some Betty Bowers here at IM.

New CNN poll has convinced Sarah Palin to triple down on impeachment. "Come on dead horse, I'm beating you as hard as I can. Move!"

Courtesy of Nannie Nannie Boo boo's Facebook page:

A new CNN poll reveals that one in three Americans agree with my call for President Obama’s impeachment. That’s a huge number – especially considering how misconstrued the issue is when relying on media to explain impeachment. Let’s go around the media filters and acknowledge this ourselves: many Americans haven’t heard what impeachable offenses really are; but when they do, more citizens will rise up to hold their government accountable. (Actually most Americans already know that the President has not done anything worthy of impeachment, just like the Republicans in Congress realize that pushing the issue would destroy their party in the upcoming elections. As for the CNN poll? Well there's a reason we call them "Fox light." And even a Fox poll only showed that 36% of respondents favored impeachment.)

On the heels of this new poll, The Hill reports that the Obama White House is now taking talk of impeachment very seriously. They can’t poo-poo this as liberal followers want them to because they know they’ve done wrong. (No, they don't. Because they haven't.)

The article states, “Dan Pfeiffer, a senior advisor to Obama, said Friday that the White House is taking the prospect of impeachment in the GOP-controlled House more seriously than many others in Washington, who see it as unlikely.” Pfeiffer then noted that a large block of the conservative base favors impeachment. (I truly think that Pfeiffer is trolling the Republicans here, and attempting to bait them into making the attempt to impeach Obama because he knows that is our best bet for holding the majority in the Senate, and possibly capturing it in the House.)

Okay everybody's favorite outlet for batshit crazy goes on, and on, and on about impeachment, tries to tie it to the current "immigration crisis," and pimps that CNN poll like Todd Palin with a bevy of beauties at an oil executive retreat.

But I have no intention of posting the whole thing and then picking it apart on such a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Especially since I just returned from hiking on one of my favorite trails, and came inches from stepping in a pile of steaming hot bear scat, which as you may imagine convinced me to take an alternate route in order to avoid becoming the ingredients in the next pile of steaming hot bear scat.

(I mean seriously, could you imagine the irony if I were to end up being mauled by a mother grizzly protecting her young in Alaska? That would be a bit much to take, even for me.)

However I will say this.

If Palin is so impressed with a poll that suggests only one third of the country supports impeaching Obama (By the way the headline for the CNN article about the poll is "Majority say no to impeachment and lawsuit."), then how does she feel about the Wall Street Journal poll which says that a full 52% of Americans would like her to shut the fuck up?

Now THAT is a poll in which the numbers are guaranteed to grow as time goes on.

The Fundamentalists are not convinced people are getting the message that THEY are being persecuted. So their newest foray into movie making is titled "Persecuted." There, that should do it.

Here is how the New York Post describes the film:  

The Lord works in mysterious ways but “Persecuted” works in blundering, obvious ways, straining a Christianity-under-attack theme through a dopey thriller. James Remar plays a Billy Graham-like evangelist who refuses to back a corrupt senator (Bruce Davison) pushing some sort of religious-unity bill for which details never quite emerge but that would effectively neutralize US Christianity. Or something. Framed for rape and murder in moronic ways that wouldn’t fool anybody, the evangelist turns fugitive while he tries to clear his name with the aid of his dad — a priest played by Fred Dalton Thompson. Hey, you know who else wandered in the wilderness?

Of course as all of you know "Arts and Entertainment" is one of the mountains described in the Seven Mountains mandate put forth by the Dominionists. 

And this movie, along with "Heaven is Real," "Noah," "Exodus," and a whole slew of others is supposed to convince the nonbelievers that God is real and religion is necessary, and also gives the believers something to watch which kowtows to their primitive superstitions.

Personally I welcome the idea that the Religious Right is turning to cinema as way to prove the existence of God.

That just makes it all the easier for me to convince the naysayers that Batman is real.

After all HE has been in tons of movies, almost as many as Jesus. So take that you, Dark Knight atheists!

P.S. But seriously this movie is, if you will pardon the expression, god awful. And it is certainly not going to win any converts, though it might help to reinforce the American Christian's ever increasing persecution complex.

True Blood star responds to Sarah Palin's attack on the show. (Oh, and I might have made a teensy weensy mistake as well.)

Courtesy of Deadline: 

True Blood may be into its final season, but the HBO show wasn’t treating its likely last Comic-Con appearance with anything but a ravenous appetite and a bit of bite. Specifically it was former GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin who got chomped. “She’ll weigh in on anything,” castmember Kristin Bauer van Straten said disdainfully of Palin revealing that she turned down the attempt HBO made to get the ex-Alaska governor on the show for its most recent broadcast. Besides a bloodbath at a fictional fundraiser for real-life Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, the July 20 episode had several digs at the GOP including one character referring to herself as “a Republic**t.”

Deadline goes on to address Palin's rant about True Blood's attitude toward Conservatives which of course we covered here.

You will also note that the website discloses exactly WHEN Palin was offered the role, which as it turns out was for the episode that played last Sunday, which is something that I got wrong in my post last Friday.

In my defense it is usual to refer to episodes in numerical order which would mean that the last one would be episode 75, not five. However it was not reported that way which led to the confusion.

There were arguments for both cases. Offering it to Palin back when she was a relative unknown would have meant that she would not carry quite so much baggage as now, giving the producers the slim possibility of presenting her character as something other than a horrible bitch, but offering her the recent one with the word "Republicunt," and Pam's obvious disdain for the Republicans, does not seem like something even a person as desperate for employment as Palin would nibble at.

So we wrong, Palin was offered the opportunity to appear in the more recent episode five, and she did not take it.  Glad we have that settled.

Here is more of what Bauer van Straten had to say about our favorite Alaskan bloodsucker:

“It’s sweet many, many years later that I’ve made her angry, I had fun doing it,” said the actress who plays vampire Pam Ravenscroft of first hearing Palin’s name and the way she reacted to the cabler’s offer. Van Straten’s remark got huge applause from the thousands in Ballroom 20 of the San Diego Convention Center. 

I really love Pam's character. And since this is the final season I am going to really miss this show.

Owner of tow truck company gets arrested for targeting cars of individuals participating in "Gay Day" events in Orange County.

Courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel:  

The owner of a towing company was arrested Friday and charged with illegally towing vehicles of people who took part in last month's Gay Days events in Orange County. 

Jason P. Combs, 44, owner of ASAP Towing, faces 29 counts of grand theft of a motor vehicle and other charges. Deputies allege he towed more than 100 vehicles June 5 to 9 from a parking lot at Westwood Town Center off International Drive, which is across the street from the event's host hotel, Doubletree by Hilton. Combs didn't have an up-to-date contract to tow vehicles or have proper signage notifying motorists the lot was a tow-away zone, deputies said. 

His attorney, R. David de Armas, said Combs did have a valid contract with the owner and only vehicles that were illegally parked were towed. de Armas also said the fact that it happened during Gay Days was irrelevant. 

But in one instance a victim said he felt he was targeted because of his sexual orientation. 

Cpl. Rick Schmeltzer said the towing company also targeted vehicles the year before during Gay Days activities. During weekends with events other than Gay Days the company completed a "minuscule amount of tows," he said. 

Schmeltzer also said the towing company had "spotters" to look for people who left the center so their vehicles so they could be towed. 

"With many of these people, their cars were towed within 5, 10 15 minutes [of parking]," he said. "This was total predator towing. There's really no other word for it." 

The tow truck would hide around the corner and when a spotter saw someone walk across the street to the hotel, the spotters would call the truck and the vehicle would be towed, the complaint says. 

Those whose cars were towed would have to take a cab ride to the towing company and were charged $165 cash to get their car, including a $40 "gate fee," which isn't permitted under Florida law, the complaint says.

I'm sorry the guy tows more than 100 cars, and does so within 5 to 15 minutes after the owners walk away, and this ONLY happens during events for the LGBT community?

Hey if it walks like a bigot, quacks like a bigot, and tows cars like a bigot, he's a bigot. 

Okay this is brilliant.
Click image to play video.
Damn that was good!

I watched this with my daughter yesterday which brought back memories, because when she was just three years old this was her favorite movie, and it played non-stop at my house any time she was with me.

In fact that was how I knew that she was somewhat brighter than the average child when I discovered that she could rewind the movie and play it on her own if I was too busy or too slow to do it for her.

This is actually the first time I have seen any version of the movie that has not caused my PTSD to kick in.

Kids today have some crappy choices in toys.

You know the truly hysterical part about this is that it actually exists.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

"Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world." Really? Too bad his followers do not always feel the same.

Courtesy of the You Tube page:  

Evangelical Christians around the globe are increasingly holding large children's revivals where they practice a disturbing ritual called "anointing by the holy spirit," "being slain by the holy spirit," "catching the holy ghost," or "falling out." 

 It is intimidating, physically coercive, deeply stressful, and emotionally manipulative. Children are under tremendous pressure to cooperate, to mimic the adults' bizarre behaviors, and to avoid being judged unworthy, disappointing, or worse, under satan's spell. 

The older children and teens are under great peer pressure to fit in. The youngest simply don't understand they're supposed to fall over. Their purity and honesty shines through. 

Most are acting, consciously or subconsciously, feeling anxiety and guilt long afterward for not having the "genuine" experience they imagine the rest are surely having. Others are infected by the contagion of mass hysteria, a temporary insanity driven by the shouting, the music, and the cacophony of adults "speaking in tongues" (glossolalia) -- meaningless babbling with the same origin as the toppling over. 

The preachers, of course, are paid for results. 

What kind of belief system must force itself on children, long before they are able to understand and decide for themselves? 

It is child abuse and should not be permitted.

My daughter tried to describe this kind of activity  many years ago when she was being subjected to it.

At the time I did not have a frame of reference to help me to understand exactly what she was describing.

Over the years I have learned much, and all of it has made me angry beyond belief.

This is wrong by ANY measure, and the fact that people responsible for it don't see that, makes them unfit to preach, teach, or even parent.

Florida Congressman mistakes two brown skinned Americans for representatives of India, and then the fun begins.

Courtesy of the Miami Herald:  

The latest inductee to the Sunshine State's face-palming club: U.S. Rep. Curt Clawson, the Bonita Springs Republican who replaced Trey Radel, the cocaine congressman busted for buying blow in Washington last year. 

The scene: The House Foreign Affairs Committee on Thursday. 

The players: Clawson and two congressional witnesses named Nisha Biswal and Arun Kumar. 

“I am familiar with your country; I love your country,” Clawson told them, speaking about India, which he thought was their land. “And I understand the complications of so many languages, and so many cultures, and so many histories, all rolled up in one.…” 

Yes. All those languages. Like the English language. Spoken primarily in the United States. English is also a written language and, in plain English, the witness list said Biswal and Kumar, respectively, hold senior positions at the State Department and Commerce Department. 

That is, Biswal and Kumar work for the U.S. government. They don't work for India. They are Americans. 

But Clawson apparently didn't read the witness list's plain English. Nor did the freshman probably know that it's rare for foreign-government officials to testify before Congress, according to Foreign Policy's blog, The Cable. The Cable reports that Clawson had been busy talking about his knowledge of India and his favorite Bollywood movies. 

You know, most of his friends are Indians. Oh, and he's also concerned about U.S.-India trade relations. 

Do yourself a favor and read the entire article from the Herald, they brutalize this dumb son-of-a-bitch.  As well they should.

I saw this last night on both the Chris Hayes show and Rachel Maddow, and I knew I had to share it today.

And you see this is the problem with these fucking Teabaggers. They are ideological pure enough to get elected by the rabid Right Wing, but so incredibly stupid that they make the state they are from and the entire country look like it is being led by preschoolers.

I have watched this video about five time at it literally gets better each time.

Alaskan Senate hopeful Joe Miller issues statement agreeing with Sarah Palin. Well this ought to be interesting.

Courtesy of HuffPo: 

Joe Miller, who is running in the Republican primary for the opportunity to challenge Sen. Mark Begich (D-Alaska), has called for President Barack Obama's impeachment, his campaign said this week. 

"Sarah Palin is right; it’s time to impeach this President for dereliction of duty, selectively enforcing the law, and usurping powers that the Constitution does not authorize," he said in a press release. "He is willfully undermining the rule of law and creating chaos."

Some have suggested that the reason that Sarah Palin has NOT endorsed anybody in Alaska since 2010, nor donated any money to an Alaskan campaign, is because she has not yet made up her mind.

But that's not the reason.

The reason is because even somebody as incredible thick headed as she clearly is recognizes that in Alaska her support would be the kiss of death for a candidate.

If she even hints that she is on Miller's side, or Sullivan's, or Treadwell's, she will doom any chances that they will emerge victorious.

However if I did not know any better it almost seems like Miller is angling for her support, which indicates to me that he may be even MORE stupid than the Queen of Stupidity herself.

Here's more from Miller:

"Mark Begich has not even deemed the crisis on our southern border worthy of a press release," he said. "There is no doubt that he is complicit with the President in encouraging and empowering this illegal invasion, both from a policy perspective by voting for amnesty, and by virtue of his refusal to hold Barack Obama accountable for dereliction of duty and usurpation of Congressional authority."

First off that was NOT a vote for amnesty, and second Begich has not issued a press release because Alaskans typically do not give a shit about what happens on the southern border of America.

Those undocumented immigrants rarely make it up here, and if they do it is in such small numbers we don't even notice.

So Miller is arguing a partisan position that might make a big difference to out of state supporters, but mean virtually nothing to the people who will be doing he actual voting.

Hey I hope that Palin actually DOES endorse Miller again, though considering what happened in 2010 that would seem incredibly doubtful, because I would really LOVE to watch him crash and burn again and watch her reputation sink even lower into the abyss right along with his hopes of ever making it to the Senate.

Does that seem wrong?

Atheists to get their own TV channel. This is a GREAT idea, said no religious person ever.

Courtesy of The Telegraph: week sees the launch of America's first dedicated TV channel for non-believers. Atheist TV launches in New York and will broadcast 24 hours a day via Roku, the internet streaming service that allows people to watch internet-based channels on their TVs. Roku only has seven million subscribers, but anyone can watch it streamed online at 

Free-thinkers, as atheists style themselves, remain almost bizarrely under-represented in American public life and discourse. There is not a single openly declared atheist among the 535 members of Congress, and it is conventional electoral wisdom that the President of the United States has to be a believer. 

The profile of atheism is very slowly starting to change, with an increasingly vocal atheist community, including high-profile adherents like Brad Pitt and Mark Zuckerberg. Even so, non-belief, is still a very long way from acceptance.

The channel is backed by American Atheists, the civil rights organisation founded in 1963 that takes a pretty confrontational approach to defending separation of church and state, including fighting a legal battle against the "9/11 miracle cross" being placed in the museum commemorating the September 11 attacks 

The organisers tell me the channel will broadcast 24 hours, mostly with licenses and pre-recorded content, such as documentaries by the Richard Dawkins Foundation as well as a talk show titled "Atheist Viewpoint" and a call-in show, "Atheist Experience". 

I don't know what I'm going to enjoy more watching more, interesting thought provoking programming featuring the likes of Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and other freethinkers, or simply watching all of the conservatives and fundamentalist heads exploding.

I think they should dedicate an entire day to an "Inherit the Wind" marathon.

Another day could be dedicated to airing clips of religious apologists getting hitchslapped.

And perhaps yet another to  George Carlin comedy routines.

I'd watch that.

This may seem a trivial thing, and perhaps it is. But it is yet another sign for Atheists that it is starting to be okay for us to come out of the closet and proudly proclaim our emancipation from the chains of religious intolerance. 

Experts in the music industry say that soon Ted Nugent will only be able to book gigs at "NRA conventions and Fox News events."

Courtesy of Media Matters: 

In a week when two casinos operated by different Native American tribes canceled three separate Nugent shows set for next month and dozens protested a concert in New Jersey, concert touring experts say the National Rifle Association board member and conservative commentator is doing real damage to his money-earning potential. 

"If you're going to say something political, you're going to have some backlash, it doesn't matter who you are or what you say," said Larry Magid, a Philadelphia-based promoter who has handled Stevie Wonder, Fleetwood Mac, and Bette Midler. "Nugent seems to have taken it to extremes. I don't know that you can blame anyone for not wanting to play him for all of the baggage that he brings." 

Magid, who also organized the famed 1985 Live Aid benefit show in Philadelphia, said Nugent was never a huge concert draw, but his declaration earlier this year that President Barack Obama is a "subhuman mongrel" may mark a turning point. 

"I don't know if that is frustration at not being a viable act, but it is stupid," Magid said of Nugent. "If you are a musician, you are trying to bring your music, your art to a broad group of people. It is one thing to take a stance, it is another thing when you are talking about the president of the United States. 

"For all of the people enamored with him, there are 20 or 30 or 40 times that who are not enamored with him. To me, it's not bright. If I'm a promoter I have to think two or three or four times before I take a shot with this performer." 

"No one should be surprised by any of this," said Gary Bongiovanni, editor-in-chief of Pollstar USA, which tracks concert touring receipts. "It's a free country and Nugent has always had a big mouth. But if he keeps making incendiary statements his future tours may be limited to NRA conventions and Fox News events."

Damn! That was both brutal and clearly extremely accurate.

Nugent was never that popular of a musician anyway, and now with his racism and misogyny on full display it is amazing that ANYBODY attends his concerts.

Well besides Right Wing nuts, paint chip eaters, and fellow pedophiles that is.

Obamacare has saved the American people nearly 2 billion dollars on their premiums. Damn that law sucks doesn't it?

Courtesy of Think Progress:  

Millions of Americans can expect to get a refund from their insurance companies this year, at an average of about $80 dollars per family, thanks to a little-known Obamacare provision that’s helping people save money on their premiums. According to a new report released by the Health and Human Services Department on Thursday, Americans across the country have received a total of $1.9 billion dollars in rebates since this provision first took effect in 2011. 

Obamacare’s medical loss ratio provision — which is also frequently referred to as the “80/20 rule” — requires insurers to spend at least 80 percent of every American’s premium costs on their medical care, rather than on the company’s own profits or administrative overhead. If insurance companies don’t hit the right balance, they have to issue a refund check to their customers to make up for it. 

According to HHS’s calculations, 6.8 million Americans will save $330 million in refunds this year because of the 80/20 rule. Insurance companies are required to provide those reimbursements by no later than the beginning of August. Not everyone will actually receive a physical check in the mail; insurers are allowed to apply the reimbursements to future premiums, so the savings could show up that way.

Well no matter how the savings show up they would have been impossible without the passing of Obamacare, a law that  Republicans have tried to defund or repeal more than 50 times, and a law which Republican appointed judges are currently trying to undermine.

We need to get Democrats to the polls in huge numbers this November, and in ever increasing numbers going forward after that.

This may sound arrogant but you know I DO kind of feel like this sometimes.

I mean if the other people in the car are seeing invisible people, hearing voices in their heads, and imagining a paradise waiting for them after they die, should they really be taking the wheel?