Friday, April 28, 2017

Federal investigation of Fox News expands. Wait, what federal investigation of Fox News?

What? A fraud investigation?
Courtesy of CNN: 

The U.S. Justice Department's investigation of Fox News has widened to include a second law enforcement agency. 

Financial crimes experts from the United States Postal Inspection Service are now involved, according to four sources connected to the investigation. 

Mail fraud and wire fraud cases are part of the USPIS purview. 

Investigators from both the USPIS and the Justice Department have been conducting interviews in recent weeks -- including with some former Fox staffers -- to obtain more information about the network's managers and business practices, the sources said. 

The existence of the federal investigation was revealed in February. At the time Fox News and its parent company 21st Century Fox said they had not been subpoenaed, but a spokeswoman said, "we have been in communication with the U.S. Attorney's office for months — we have and will continue to cooperate on all inquiries with any interested authorities."

Okay first off how come I did not know that the Justice Department was investigating Fox News? 

I mean I knew about all of the allegations of sexual harassment, and now racism, but this is a goddamn fraud investigation.

I cannot imagine how this one slipped under the radar.

So now not only are those working for Donald Trump being investigated by the Feds, but even the conservative news outlets spewing propaganda for Donald Trump are being investigated by the Feds.

Now I have to go out and buy an even bigger bag of popcorn, cause it looks like Fox News is about to take center stage in the "Karma comes to kick the shit out of Right Wing news outlets" category.

Former Trump adviser Carter Page claims “I have been the victim of one of the most horrendous civil rights violations in recent U.S. election history.” Yeah, that's what happened.

Courtesy of The Hill:

A former campaign adviser to Donald Trump said Thursday he was “the victim of one of the most horrendous civil rights violations” during the 2016 presidential election. 

“I have been the victim of one of the most horrendous civil rights violations in recent U.S. election history,” Carter Page told co-host Chris Cuomo on CNN’s “New Day.” 

Page’s comments came after Cuomo pushed him to disclose how he became involved in Trump’s campaign, first claiming that it is confidential and then saying he doesn’t want to create issues for other people. 

Page denied the allegations against him, saying they have caused “a complete firestorm based on this completely false narrative.”

Later Cuomo offered Page the opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings, this was his response.  
Yeah any problems that Carter page is now facing are the direct result of his own actions and his own statements to the press.

And I have a feeling that those problems are really just beginning. 

This Simpsons' take on Trump's first 100 days should not be missed.

Courtesy of Raw Story: 

The skit begins in the White House with Trump in bed surrounded by numerous books including The Little Book of Big Bombs and Killing a Good Thing—authored by ousted Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly. 

Trump runs down his “many accomplishments” in the last 100 days. “Lowered my golf handicap, my Twitter following increased by 700 and, finally, we can finally shoot hibernating bears—my boys will love that,” he says. 

In the press room of the White House, meanwhile, the job of trying to manage Trump’s media image has become too much for Sean Spicer—himself the subject of much ridicule and criticism for his remarks. Spicer is seen hanging by his neck and holding a sign that reads, “I quit.” 

Fellow Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway stumbles upon the grim scene and quickly runs away, saying: “I am not replacing him.” Probably a wise decision. 

The spoof also lampoons first daughter, Ivanka Trump, who is appointed to the Supreme Court, replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Personally I think we should all get in as many good laughs as possible before we completely lose the ability to recognize humor. 

Though admittedly that is already becoming difficult as the actual Trump presidency feels like one long episode of the Simpsons.

And a poorly written one at that.

Training Day.

Just so you know I am in training today, which means there may be a delay before I can publish your comments.

It might be completely unnoticeable, but then again there might be an hour or two between times when I can check my phone.

I have to admit I really hate this particular training as it involves a lot of hands on instruction and requires a lot of up close and personal interactions with people I do not know.

I think I have taken this particular class around 18 or 19 times, so though it is not new to me it is still a huge pain in my ass.

I have held this job for twenty years this June and perhaps the worst part is the yearly re-certifications.

I also hate that this is happening on a Friday which is notorious as a news dump day, but if you see anything you think I should know about put it in the comments and I will hopefully get to it later on tonight or tomorrow.

I have already written multiple posts that will show up as the day progresses, so don't think I will not provide content for you to enjoy.

Have a great day, and thanks for making IM a priority to visit in your very busy lives.

Donald Trump's constant tweeting is making the Secret Service's job near impossible.

Courtesy of Politico: 

Trump’s free-flowing tweets have invited more threats than his security detail can keep pace to investigate. On top of that, he’s been telegraphing his movements for the bad guys by establishing regular travel patterns in his first 100 days in office. And his very famous family is jetting around the world, draining the resources of a bureau still gasping from the frenzied pace of the 2016 campaign. 

All presidents live in a target-rich environment — agents often talk of mentally-ill people approaching the White House gates making threats against long-gone leaders like Jimmy Carter or Ronald Reagan. But law enforcement experts say the new Republican president has particularly upped his exposure levels through Twitter, with the missives emanating from his phone giving the masses the impression they can correspond directly with Trump. 

“The Twitter thing is creating a lot of hassles,” said Dan Bongino, a former protective detail agent for presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. “It’s generated a tidal wave of threats that the Secret Service can’t ignore.”

I know what most of you are going to say, "Well fuck it then, if he wants to invite those kinds of threats then the Secret Service should just take a long lunch break and let events play out as they will."

However I think we all know they cannot do that, nor deep down would we really want them to.

Nor it seems can anybody pry that damn phone out of Trump's hand, which means that we are left watching millions of taxpayer dollars burned up in trying to keep Trump and his misfit family alive until at least the end of his first term.

That is of course unless one of these many investigations finally comes up the smoking gun to get this POS hauled out of the White House in chains and thrown into prison where he clearly belongs.

One can only hope. 

New investigation launched into Michael Flynn's ties to Russia. White House spokesperson now blaming Obama.

Courtesy of CBS News: 

The ranking member of the House Oversight Committee said he doesn't understand why the White House is "covering up for Michael Flynn" after President Trump fired him. 

At a Thursday morning press conference with members of the House and Senate, Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Maryland, said that the office of the Defense Department inspector general will be launching its own investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn's dealings with the Russian government, specifically his apparent failure to disclose payments by a foreign source. 

"General Flynn's attorney says he discussed his trip to Moscow with the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), but we have no evidence, not a shred, that he disclosed his payments which is what he emoluments clause is all about, from RT, the Kremlin-backed propaganda outlet. And we have no evidence -- zilch -- that he obtained permission from the secretary of the Army and secretary of State to accept any foreign government payments as required by law," said Cummings. 

"[The White House] should be bending over backwards to help us. It does not make any sense, and it makes the American people think the White House has something to hide," he said. "Here is a paper trail that the White House does not want our committee to follow, but let it be known we will follow it and we will follow it with everything we got." 

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has called the Oversight Committee's request for documents from the transition period "ridiculous," and he also said that everything under discussion occurred before he was employed by the Trump administration. 

That's right the newest White House strategy is to blame the Obama Administration for not vetting Michael Flynn better.

This was Sean Spicer yesterday.

In short the Trump Administration is blaming Obama for not doing the job that THEY should have done before appointing Flynn National Security Adviser.

However they are forgetting one important detail.
Yes, yes he was.

So knowing this WHY would the Trump Administration not investigate why that happened and then conduct their own security clearance? 


It is easy to get depressed about the state of the country these days. But every once in a while Americans do something awesome.

As you might imagine the calls and tweets were very imaginative.
Yep, faith in mankind officially restored.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Carl Bernstein concerning Trump/Russia investigation: "Oh my god, there’s a cover-up going on."

Courtesy of The Independent:  

Famed Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein says that the investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn could end up revealing a “cover-up” of alleged connections between President Donald Trump's team and Russia. 

“I think it's obvious that Gen. Flynn is in up to his neck in terms, not just of possible crimes involving his speeches and whether or not he registered as a foreign agent, which he should have and didn’t,” Mr Bernstein said. 

“There, he is central to what the FBI believes is a cover-up going on among people close to the president of the United States about what happened with the Trump campaign and Russia,” Mr Bernstein, who is now a CNN commentator, said. "The FBI, the congressional investigators are trying to learn what happened. And Flynn is almost like the ball of yarn that begins to unspool and is key to understanding it."

Mr Bernstein said that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, now that he is leading the Justice Department's probe into Russia's role alleged in the election, will eventually see that there is a cover-up as well. "He is going to see, ‘Oh my god, there’s a cover-up going on,’" Bernstein said.

This is not the first time that Carl Bernstein has dropped a bomb about an active coverup within the Trump Administration nor is he now the only one doing so.

It should also be noted that currently 4 in 10 Americans believe that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians: 

An ABC News/Washington Post poll published Wednesday morning found 56 percent believe Russia tried to meddle in the election, while 39 percent think Trump campaign aides intentionally tried to help them.

With public opinion turning against them so dramatically it makes sense that the Trump folks would be trying to cover up what actually took place during the 2016 election cycle.

However to do so would indicate that they have not paid attention to history, and are unaware of the lessons of Watergate.

After first stating that he will not seek reelection, and then hinting he may quit before end of term, now Jason Chaffetz is saying that a 12 year old injury has flared up and he needs a leave of absence. Hmmm.

Sorry, would love to investigate Trump's ties to Russia, but I have a boo boo on my foot.
Courtesy of Politico:  

House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz announced Wednesday that he will take a leave of absence from Congress to undergo surgery on his foot, with an estimated return in mid-May. 

The Utah Republican posted a picture of an X-ray on Instagram and wrote that a foot injury he sustained 12 years ago is now prompting him to undergo "immediate" surgery.

The estimated recovery time is three to four weeks. Chaffetz said avoiding the procedure could put him "at risk for serious infection." 

Chaffetz's absence comes amid a crucial stretch for House Republicans and the Trump administration. There are looming votes on a spending bill to avoid a government shutdown and, potentially, a close vote on legislation to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. 

"I’m sorry to miss the important work we are doing in Washington," Chaffetz wrote. "This is not an opportune time to be away but medical emergencies are never convenient. I appreciate my constituent’s patience and understanding as I take time to recover."

Look I hate to get all conspiratorial here, but I have had rotting fish heads in my trashcan that gave off less smell than this is giving off.

I am not at all sure of what is happening, but I am all but positive that SOMETHING is happening.

Trump goes on Twitter tirade against Democrats for not letting him do whatever the hell he wants.

Damn, somebody got up on the wrong side of their forever empty bed this morning.

Well so much for Trump's plan to include the Democrats in working to pass a revised health care bill.

I think that ship has sailed, hit an iceberg, and sank to the icy depths of "Are you fucking kidding me?"

Oddly enough it appears that these tweets were sent while Trump was hanging out with a bunch of kids.
"Sorry kids I really want to pay attention to whatever you are babbling about, but I have to throw a tantrum on Twitter."

Trump inaccurately blames the Ninth Circuit for shooting down his order to withhold funds from sanctuary cities, calls for it to be broken up.

Courtesy of the Washington Examiner:  

President Trump said Wednesday that he has "absolutely" considered proposals that would split up the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, where judges have blocked two of his executive actions. 

"Absolutely, I have," Trump said of considering 9th Circuit breakup proposals during a far-ranging interview with the Washington Examiner at the White House. "There are many people that want to break up the 9th Circuit. It's outrageous." 

"Everybody immediately runs to the 9th Circuit. And we have a big country. We have lots of other locations. But they immediately run to the 9th Circuit. Because they know that's like, semi-automatic," Trump said.

Of course as I pointed out yesterday the sanctuary city order was NOT shot down by the Ninth Circuit but rather by a District Court judge in San Francisco.

So not only is Trump's anger misplaced, but he is calling for a complete reorganization of a the largest circuit court in the country simply because they do not agree with his often unconstitutional policy decisions.

Apparently Trump believes they simply do not understand what he is trying to do: 

"The language could not be any clearer. I mean, the language on the ban, it reads so easy that a reasonably good student in the first grade will fully understand it. And they don't even mention the words in their rejection on the ban," Trump said. "And the same thing with this [sanctuary city decision]. I mean, when you have people that are being enabled to commit crime. And in San Francisco, when you look at Kate Steinle being shot and here is the court, you know, right in that same general area. And when you look at a Kate Steinle, when you look at so many other things."

Yes clearly it is an issue of reading comprehension which is causing these judges to reject Trump's admittedly elementary school arguments for why he should be allowed to crap all over the Constitution.

And that Kate Steinle argument is especially weak.

That was one fatal shooting among the thousands of fatal shootings each year, and statistically undocumented immigrants are far LESS likely to engage in violent crime than actual citizens.

But the problem is that these are facts, and in Trumpland facts are the enemy.

So instead of accepting the fact that the policies that he wants to put in place are illegal, unwanted, or just plain wrong, he instead attempts to bully those who will not let him have his way into submission.

Google reveals new tools for avoiding fake news.

Courtesy of the Guardian:  

Google announced its first attempt to combat the circulation of “fake news” on its search engine with new tools allowing users to report misleading or offensive content, and a pledge to improve results generated by its algorithm. 

The technology company said it would allow people to complain about misleading, inaccurate or hateful content in its autocomplete function, which pops up to suggest searches based on the first few characters typed. 

It also said it would refine its search engine to “surface more authoritative pages and demote low-quality content” – and acknowledged for the first time that it had taken the measures to combat the threat of fake news.

Well I for one welcome the assistance of Google in filtering through the misinformation and fake news.

However it can never take the place of a vigilant internet surfer utilizing their critical thinking skills and common sense.

Donald Trump has a special red button on his desk to summon an emergency Coca Cola.

Courtesy of Mother Jones:  

A man accustomed to wealth and its trappings, Trump has embraced life in the Executive Mansion, often regaling guests with trivia about the historic decor. With the push of a red button placed on the Resolute Desk that presidents have used for decades, a White House butler soon arrived with a Coke for the president.

You know some president's had an emergency hotline to other world leaders.

But this idiot has a button specially designed for emergency thirst quenching.

Oddly enough Trump has had a rather long love/hate relationship with Coke.

Actually he should have stopped.

Do you remember back when we had a president who did not have to spread bear grease on his ass in order to slide into his pants?

Go ahead, tell me this wouldn't work.

It would work.

In fact something like this is probably all Trump can ever hope to actually get for all of his efforts to wall off America from Mexico.

Instead of the Great Wall of China that he envisions he will probable have to settle for increased border patrols, drone surveillance, and stricter laws concerning undocumented immigrants.

Though to be clear I think the invisible wall scam would work just as well.