Wednesday, September 17, 2014

One thousand eight hundred and eighty four dollars.

Nice try Captain Zero. Still not voting for you.
I thought I would end the day with the biggest news here in Alaska .

The announcement of the PFD amount.

Courtesy of Alaska Dispatch:

$1,884: that's the amount of this year's Permanent Fund Dividend check distributed to Alaskans, as announced by Gov. Sean Parnell in downtown Anchorage Wednesday morning. 

The 2014 dividend will be the third-largest check issued since dividends began in 1982. The Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend Division said checks and direct deposits would go out on October 2. 

The 2014 Dividend is much larger than last year's check of just $900. The reason: the 2009 fiscal year -- which saw dividend values drop as the nation's economy continued to stagnate -- dropped off the five-year rolling average of the Permanent Fund's performance used to calculate the dividend. With the fund now estimated at more than $50 billion, and stock and real estate markets continuing to show strong returns, all indications are that next year's check could be even bigger.

Well this is good news for  your favorite Alaska blogger. My check should be directly deposited into my account at the beginning of next month.

I have been keeping my expenditures to a minimum lately, because there has been a temporary hiccup in my monetary situation. It will smooth out in the next few weeks or months, but in the meantime I am trying to avoid spending any of my savings, for which this will be of great help.

The check may seem like a lot to those of you living in the Lower 48, but don't forget we have to deal with bears and harsh winters, not to mention having to share the state with the Palin clan.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck becomes the first Fox News to link football scandals to Benghazi.

This is the tweet that Hasselbeck sent out yesterday:
It is unclear as to how much more transparency Hasselbeck could want, as there have been four bipartisan investigations into Benghazi already, with another one still chugging along. And thus far they have found nothing to support the conservative's conspiratorial theories.

And the attempts by Fox News to keep the Benghazi story alive has been nothing short of obsessive.

Later Hasselbeck seemed to take offense that she was being called out for her lack of journalistic integrity.

So it's an "honor" to be a tool of the Republican party, and to distribute their propaganda for them.

Well then that move from the couch on The View, to the couch on Fox and Friends was certainly the right one, wasn't it?

Third witness to the Throwdown at the Hoedown comes forward. And the Daily Mail would like to know what the hell happened to Sarah Palin?

So the National Enquirer finally found somebody besides the Thompsons to come forward.

And that person is the guy seemingly at the center of the whole fracas, Connor Cleary.

Here is what he told the Enquirer:

One victim, Connor Cleary, 26, told The ENQUIRER it was a peaceful party until the reality show family showed up! 

Connor said he was approaching the Palins’ stretch-limo Hummer when Track began getting in his face. “He (Track) kept trying to pick a fight with me and then when it all came down – it happened,” Connor said, in an exclusive interview. 

“He kept saying, ‘Oh what, are you trying to get into the ----ing limo?’ and he kept cursing at me and walking towards me,” claimed Connor. 

Track allegedly threw two jabs at Connor, according to an online report – and that’s when all hell broke loose outside the residence of 39-year-old Korey Klingenmeyer, host of the Sept. 6 bash. 

Alarmed, someone screamed, “This isn’t some damned Hillbilly reality show!” according to an eyewitness.

The rest of the article essentially quotes sources that all of us are already aware of, and reflects the consistent story that we have all heard a number of times, so there is no point in rehashing all that.

This does explain why the Palin version had Connor attempting to enter the vehicle, for as we know to the Palins simply looking is a violation of their privacy.

Of course the brawl has attracted quite a lot of unwanted attention to the Palin family.

British tabloid the Mirror for one was somewhat stunned to see the change in Sarah Palin since last they had paid any attention to her: 

We’re used to seeing Sarah Palin looking manicured within an inch of her life – with bouncy hair, dewy skin and a megawatt smile. 

But on Monday the usually glamorous politician looked virtually unrecognisable as she left the gym in Alaska.

Yeah I guess if you have not been keeping tabs it is kind of shocking to see her go from this,

To this.

Of course for those of us paying attention have noticed the decay for quite some time now.

We are also aware that much of Palin's beauty was all smoke and mirrors in the first place.

Liberaland is less concerned with Palins appearance as they are with what the actions of her family reveal about her and the sorts of people who identify with her:  

Where does Bristol get the idea that it is acceptable to commit what looks like criminal assault? 

The entire Palin brood stands revealed as steeped in a culture of assault-friendly permissiveness pervasive among white Americans who reject reason, tolerance, and empathy in favor of promoting themselves as vicious animals, supporting torture as government policy and free access to weapons of war in our streets, and flaunting stretch Hummers as a symbol of status and power. 

Bristol is just taking after, and adopting the violent values of, her lily-white mom.

Ouch! That hurts a hell of a lot more than Bristol's ineffective little girl punches.

Phil Robertson claims that diseases, such as AIDS, are God's punishment for sin. Holy crap is it 1981 again?

Courtesy of Buzzfeed:  

While promoting his new book unPHILtered: The Way I See It, Robertson spoke at length about what he called the “physiological downside to immorality” in an interview with Family Research Council president Tony Perkins’ radio program Washington Watch last week. 

“I mean, a great question to ask is ‘Why is it that all of these just—is this coincidental that viewing all of the immoral conduct that America now is participating in, I’ve asked a lot of people, Do you think it’s a coincidence that all of these debilitating — and literally, it can cause death — diseases follow that kind of conduct?” Robertson said. 

“God says, ‘One woman, one man,’ and everybody says, ‘Oh, that’s old hat, that’s that old Bible stuff’ and I’m thinking well, let’s see now. A clean guy, a disease-free guy, and a disease-free woman, they marry and they keep their sex between the two of ‘em, uh, they’re not gonna get chlamydia and gonorrhea and syphilis and AIDS. It’s, it’s safe.” 

Robertson concluded that such diseases from such behaviors are punishment from God. 

“Now to me either it’s the wildest coincidence ever that horrible diseases follow immoral conduct,” he said, “or it’s God saying, ‘There’s a penalty for that kind of conduct.’ I’m leanin’ toward there’s a penalty toward it.” 

“So, you read in the Bible, you say well let’s see, ‘Well, it’s one man, one woman,’” he said. “Any logical person would say, what the guy is sayin’ is, that’d be me, is that if you wanna be safe from a lot of debilitating diseases, that’s the route to go. And it agrees with what God says so it’s just one argument after another, Tony, but what can I say all you can do is just show ‘em that and say, ‘Man, we ought to think about this Jesus stuff.’”

You know it occurs to me that if a man and another man, or a woman and another woman,  were to enter into an exclusive relationship that they too would be safe from the diseases that Robertson listed above.

So it seems that the problem is NOT that certain behaviors are deemed sinful in the minds of the narrow minded, and therefore punishable by God.  But instead that those engaging in careless promiscuity, or not practicing safe sex, might infect a partner with a sexually transmitted disease, whether gay or straight.

As for other diseases like cancer, or heart disease, or even Ebola, those seem to care little how moral or immoral a person might be.

And the reason for that is because sickness and death are both a biological inevitability that only the ridiculously superstitious would consider the result of human immorality.

Phil Robertson is an imbecile who insists upon seeing the world through a prism which identifies everything in terms of good vs evil.

And anybody who buys his book looking for wisdom is barking up the wrong fake hillbilly.

New interview with Eric Thompson is a must see.

This new interview with Alaska Dispatch is far more detailed than the ones that Thompson has given before, and it also serves to really allow you to understand his situation, including his feelings of betrayal and sadness at how he was treated by both the McKenna brothers and the media.

I am also including a link to his Go Fund Me page so that you can see his progress, and perhaps donate if you have not done so already.

Who Would Jesus Choke Out? Some churches are now using MMA fights as a way to spread the gospel.

Courtesy of Crooks and Liars:  

“The whole reason we’re having the fights [at the church] is so we can bring people in and tell them about God,” one fighter says. “The hope is that through the fight I can create a relationship with the person I’m fighting and extend Christ to him.”

You know you might think that a loving god would allow you to win the fight WITHOUT getting kneed in the groin first.

I'm just saying.

You know I am no expert on religion, but exactly HOW is pounding somebody's face in helping them to understand the teachings of Jesus? I totally missed that passage in the New Testament.

But hey if you are not horrified enough, then you will be when you learn that the pastor in the video, one Paul Burress, is also accused of trying to convince church members to swing with him and his wife.

This is from a letter sent to Victory Church leadership from a former member: 

In 2009, I was at Paul Burress’s house, where I was asked to perform a back-rub on Jill Burress, who had removed her shirt and bra. Paul made sure that my hand made contact with the side of a breast by moving it there with his own hand. Paul also made sure that I touched her bare bottom. This happened on 2 occasions that year. Also in 2009, Paul showed me fully nude photos of his wife, and also showed me a pornographic video of him having sex with his wife. This occurred on several occasions that year. I was a single, 21 year-old at the time. 

Damn, mixed martial arts, sex, and pornography. Boy church sure has changed from the days when I was attending.

Disgraced televangelist Jim Bakker is back. This time selling, I kid you not, "End of the World Biscuits" in preparation for Armageddon.

Courtesy of the New York Daily News:  

Twenty years after his release from prison following rape and fraud allegations, the disgraced pastor is busy selling unique survival kits apparently for the Apocalypse. On his website for his latest TV program, "The Jim Bakker Show," the 74-year-old sells everything from bulk "End of the World Biscuits," "Extreme Survival Bottles" — two for $57 — and extreme cold-weather apparel. The evangelist, who considers himself one of today's experts on the Book of Revelation, appears motivated by the prophetic scriptures in the Bible, which warn of the Rapture — where Christians will be taken by God into heaven — and the second-coming of Christ.

I have to admit that I thought this was a joke, but nope, they are serious.

The majority of the food sources appear in the form of beans, such as the $3,000 "Time of Trouble" tub, which contains 7,728 servings of black bean burger pouches. 

Others include a mixed array of "End of the World Gravy" and "Kevin's Krazy Lasagna" in large, tightly-packed containers.

"End of the World Gravy?"

Okay look this is America, and people can make a living any way they see fit. But is it really ethical to scare these poor simpletons into believing that some catastrophe is about to occur so that you can profit off their ignorance?

Besides who is going to be here to eat all of these beans?

I thought that during the End Times that all of the "good" Christians were going to be sucked up into Heaven to party with JC while the rest of us fought amongst ourselves for the belongings they left behind?

Boy this takes me back to the televangelist scandals of the 1980's.

Such good times.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I cannot think of anybody more deserving to hear about Sarah Palin's recent scandals than our dear friend Joe McGinniss. Sadly he is not here to do so.

Earlier today somebody sent me this link to a 2011 interview with Joe and I thought it was well worth sharing today. Especially since Joe discusses in great detail the fear that the Palins instill in the people of Alaska.

Joe also goes into great depth about his research concerning babygate, and lays out all of the reasons why her stories about her pregnancy and the birth simply do not make any sense.

By the way Gary Wheeler, who Joe mentions in the radio interview, was one of the people that I was able to hook him up while he was up here.

Gary was the one who told me that Palin did NOT get picked up the night that Trig was supposedly born, because if the security detail had done so they would have insisted that she stop at a local hospital and not continue the drive to Wasilla.

He also told me that it was highly unusual for her NOT to notify security that she was arriving back in Anchorage by plane. And has no explanation for why she didn't.

The interview is quite good, and it is always great hearing Joe airing all of Palin's dirty laundry out in public.

I can only imagine how much Joe would have enjoyed this last week.

And how pleased he would be concerning what's about to come.

The premiere of The View, featuring the new cast, was the best premiere in eight years and the second best of all time.

Courtesy of USA Today:  

The revamping and reinvigorating of The View worked. 

For a day, anyway. 

ABC has happily announced that The View's Season 18 premiere on Monday, showcasing newcomers Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace with returning Rosie O'Donnell and veteran moderator Whoopi Goldberg, was the best premiere in eight years. 

The show drew 3.9 million total viewers, making it the best since O'Donnell joined the cast in 2006.

Well I'm still not going to watch, but congratulations ABC.

Of course the first thing that came to mind is that ABC really dodged a bullet by refusing to even consider hiring Sarah Palin. Because that would have undoubtedly driven the show's ratings into the cellar.

And of course the second thing that occurred to me is that this must also just drive the Wasilla Wendigo crazy, and only adds to her worst week ever.

Yes we do. We know that you are NOT a host on The View.
By the way if you missed the episode and really want to see it just click right here.

Seems like a worthy cause. Update: Thompson's wife weighs in.

Courtesy of Go Fund Me:  

Eric Thompson was at a party for about 70 friends on September 6th, 2014. At some point during the evening a massive, "Jerry Springer" type fight broke out involving the Palin family. 

ABC's Good Morning America contacted Eric, most likely because he had given his name to the police for the report. GMA asked if he would give an interview, and did so, not asking for money in return. 

Eric did not make a dime from giving his testimony of the Palin brawl to GMA. 

About an hour after the GMA interview, Eric Thompson received a call from his boss saying that he was being immediately fired. 

Eric really wants a job more than anything, but seeing as this was such a sudden release of employment it has left him in a bit of a bind for the month. Also, lawyer fees are now stacking up thanks to this whole debacle. 

I just donated $100.00 to the cause.

At the time of this post the amount stands at $570.00 which is not going to get him very far.

I think that by the end of the day we can get that up to several thousand. 

Just think of it this way, helping him is sending a message to every other person out there that if the Palins come after you there are those who will have your back.

And really, who better than us?

Update: Eric Thompson's wife has also giving HER eyewitness report.

It essentially matches her husband's, though she did add this: 

She also expressed her frustration about the police investigation and that no charges have been filed. She said she, her husband and a number of other party guests spoke to investigators that night. 

"I just think when people assault other people that they should be arrested," she said. "Or at least charged. Especially when there's that many eyewitnesses. I don't think just because you're a Palin that you should not have to suffer the same consequences as any other person."

I could not agree more.

Vice Chair of the Arizona GOP resigns in the face of criticism over statements he made about sterilizing poor women.

Courtesy of AZ Central:

 Former state Sen. Russell Pearce, who has recently served as the Arizona Republican Party's first vice chair, resigned his post late Sunday over remarks he made about requiring women on public assistance to use contraception. 

The Republican Party announced his resignation around 11 p.m. Sunday -- hours after GOP candidates expressed their displeasure with his remarks and a day after the Arizona Democratic Party Executive Director DJ Quinlan noted Pearce's comments in a news release and pressed his party's candidates to denounce them. 

Quinlan's statement, issued Saturday, highlighted remarks Pearce made on his talk-radio program on KKNT 960 AM. According to the statement, Pearce talked about changes he would make to the state's public assistance programs and was quoted in the Democratic Party's news release as saying: "You put me in charge of Medicaid, the first thing I'd do is get Norplant, birth-control implants, or tubal ligations…Then we'll test recipients for drugs and alcohol, and if you want to [reproduce] or use drugs or alcohol, then get a job." 

In his statement, Pearce wrote that during a recent radio show there "was a discussion about the abuses to our welfare system" and he "shared comments written by someone else and failed to attribute them to the author." "This was a mistake," Pearce stated. 

"This mistake has been taken by the media and the left and used to hurt our Republican candidates."

Yes how dare the media and Democrats use the actual words spoken by a Republican against them.

The audacity!

Of course this is nothing new, as conservatives have long attempted to suppress childbirth among minorities in this country.

This from Public Eye magazine: 

Even a cursory examination of the right's policy agenda demonstrates that, when the focus is changed from abortion to broader reproductive freedom, the right applies race and class criteria that distinguish between the rights of white, middle-class women and low-income women of color. The right has viciously attacked welfare mothers for their "sexuality" and immigrant women for bearing "too many" children. In its worldview, "excessive" childbearing by low-income, single women causes poverty. To eliminate poverty, it is necessary to prevent that childbearing. 

Right-wing activists reserve their most vicious attacks for these groups of women, promoting negative stereotypes of low-income women of all races as dependent, irresponsible, prone to addictions, and inadequate mothers. They use these stereotypes to inflame public opinion against all sexual behavior that lies outside the narrow parameters of right-wing ideology.

So all Russell Pearce was doing was openly expressing an idea that is discussed in the back rooms among conservatives, and he felt safe is saying it aloud because the audience for his radio show would all be nodding in agreement with him.

But you know I can't get over the idea that I have seen this guy before, but where?

 Oh that's right! That is him right there in the middle between Joe Arpaio and some crazy lady from Wasilla.

So I watched The Insider episode about the Palin brawl finally.

"People I have spoken to in Anchorage are very tight lipped. And it seemed to me that there may be some fear of retribution by either the Palins or somebody associated with them."

That is how the segment started with these words from Elizabeth Applegate.

The Insider, which I had to DVR because it did not come on until 3 AM here in Alaska,  then laid out the story as they heard it from witnesses.

In their version Track was definitely the one that started the fight with Willow's ex Connor Cleary. His dad tried to break it up and Todd put the dad, Steve Cleary, in a headlock.

That was all the detail they provided but it does lay blame where it belongs.

They also reported that Bristol punched the party's host and that Sarah jumped into the fray. This also falls in line with what others, not associated with the Palins, have reported.

Then there is Applegate again speaking to the camera and saying "The Palins are the most powerful family in Alaska and nobody is going to want to go up against them." (Wanna bet?)

Then she follows that by saying "Ultimately money may unseal the truth. I spoke to one party goer who wanted to sell his story for a hundred thousand dollars."

Then they show part of Eric Thompson's interview, followed by Applegate saying that he told her exclusively because he talked he was fired from his job.

Afterward the two hosts joke about how gangsta it is that the Palins have this kind of control, and the female host jokes that she cannot talk because she might, or might not, have received a call from the Palins.

Now as you can see there is really NOTHING new here for most of us.

However I was pleased that this is yet another source confirming that the fight was started by Track, and that people are being bullied into silence for fear of losing their jobs or other types of retribution.

I think THAT is an important message to get out there so that people understand why it is so damn hard to get people to tell the truth about the Palins.

Now I have no idea if anybody is willing to pay $100,000 for a tape of this incident. The last quote I heard from a tabloid was between $10,000 to $15,000.

But I seriously doubt that if there is footage that it will stay hidden for much longer.

P.S. I thought I should add that thanks to some sleuthing by y'all we know that the yoga studio that Palin is emerging from is Anchorage Yoga. Which is literally only about ten to twelve minutes from my house.

However I have NO plans to show up there and take pictures or confront Palin, since I think that would be stepping over the line. Despite allegations to the contrary I am not a stalker and have never harassed Palin, or her family, in a public venue.

First it was teachers reducing homework to hide their socialist agenda, and now it is meatless Mondays in the school cafeteria to brainwashing children into the liberal vegan lifestyle. The horrors!

Courtesy of Salon:  

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples recently published an op-ed in the Austin American-Statesman in which he condemned school districts that instituted a “Meatless Monday” program, which involves cafeterias serving vegetarian fare one day per week. On Monday, Fox News hosts Steve Doocy and Elisabeth Hasselbeck invited Staples to back up his views on the air: 

“Our schools are doing a really fantastic job of meeting the nutritional needs and educational needs of our kids,” said Staples. “But what we have here is a ‘Meatless Mondays’ campaign that’s really an agenda-driven campaign. And the people who are behind this, they don’t want you to not just eat meat one day a week, but seven days a week. Obesity and unhealthy lifestyles are caused because of inactivity and because of not having a balanced diet. It’s just sending the wrong message to our kids. This is not about meat– it’s about hunger, and we need to educate our kids the right way and not have agenda-driven campaigns.” 

“So you say that Meatless Mondays are brainwashing?” Doocy asks. 

“Clearly it is because we know that a balanced diet is what children need. And the people that are pushing this are saying that having Meatless Monday options is somehow a healthier option menu and that it’s better for the environment. This all stems from anti-animal agriculturalists who are trying to blame animals for some of our environmental problems… They shouldn’t castigate one type of food category and give the false impression to our kids that this is healthier for the environment and healthier for them as individuals.”

Yes leave it to a Texas Agriculture Commissioner to freak out about the idea of less meat being served in schools. I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that Texas is the leader in livestock production in this country?

As you may remember Fox News also recently warned us that teachers were sending students home with less homework to limit parental involvement in their school work.

Gee where would we be without Fox News hysterically warning us about imaginary dangers in our public schools?

What's next, are they going to warn us that too much PE time is wearing out children's bodies prematurely?

Nate Silver bemoans the difficulty with accurate polling in Alaska.

Courtesy of TPM:  

It is one of a handful of races that could determine which party controls the Senate next year, but analysts -- including the veritable Nate Silver of Five Thirty Eight -- agree that the polling in the Alaska Senate race is an absolute mess. 

It's nobody's fault. Just a historical fact. But it complicates the process of capturing the dynamics of the battle between Republican Dan Sullivan and incumbent Sen. Mark Begich (D-AK). 

"Alaska is a hard state to poll accurately," Silver wrote in his Sunday review of the polling there. He also concluded that in seven statewide races since 2000, Alaska polling has overestimated the Democratic candidate by 7.2 points compared to election day returns. 

The problem, as best that experts can figure it, is the low-response rate that plagues pollsters everywhere -- but has an outsized impact in a state with such a small (730,000) and transient population. 

Whatever the reasons, the bottom line is that the electoral picture is decidedly fuzzy in one of the most important elections of the year.

Silver is essentially playing a tune that many of us up here in the Great Land are all too familiar with.

Because our population is diverse and far flung it makes getting an accurate read close to impossible.

However what is also true is that Alaska has a long history of loyalty to their Senators and Representatives, which goes to explain how Don Young has remained in office for so many years, and unless there is a federal prosecution or scandal involving Mark Begich he may simply find himself back in Washington due to name recognition and a lack of a good reason NOT to send him back.

Begich has deep roots here in the state, and a name that is well respected by many.

That, more than ad campaigns and buckets of money, may be the factors that have the biggest impact on the voters.